one facility

one goal

one system

Technovalis is breaking barriers as the first all-in-one cultivation solution.

Complete control over heating and cooling in the grow.
Humidity Control
Flexibility to control humidity using your standard HVAC system, or expandable to incorporate external dehumidifiers.
Using our economization algorithm, you can save money by pulling outside air at night to reduce energy draws.
Utilizing our scheduling software, you can set the exact parameters for your flower rooms and the system will automatically ramp temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting setpoints for the duration of the flower period.
Top of the line sensors continuously monitor for PAR, CO2, temperature/humidity, fire and soil moisture so operators are always aware of the status of the rooms.
Cloud-Based Control
Utilizing Ignition by Inductive Automation, we are able to provide a luxurious operator interface that is available over the web to any internet-enabled mobile device. This allows for control, monitoring, and alerts while on the go.